Buyer Beware List

Below is a list that we have compiled from our many years of experience with dog houses. With the help from law enforcement agencies, veterinarians, breeders, etc. we feel that we have designed the most efficient dog house available for you and for your dog or dogs. We hope this will help you make the right decision when purchasing dog house plans.
Size - Make sure the house is sized properly for your dog or dogs. Do not go with a general small, medium, or large size. Your dog needs to be measured properly to attain the correct sized house for their protection in all weather conditions. 
Roofs - The roof of a dog house should be flat and slightly sloped.  Do not go with peaked roofs or barn style roofs. These types of roofs have great heat loss and are a perfect place for wasps and hornets nests. This is fact!   
Contacts – There should always be a contact name, address, email, phone number available for you to contact should you need to. Why wouldn’t the vendor want you to contact them about a product they are selling?
Websites - Make sure the website has the experience with dog house plans, and has photos of real dog houses and real dogs. If you see only animated computer drawn dog houses along with animated dogs, you know what you are dealing with. If the website is selling everything from dog toys, dog food, shed plans, and any other plans along with dog house plans it is a red flag to beware. How much do they really know about dog houses?
Is the website just a one page pushy blog, with a download at the end, with no place to contact anyone with any questions you may have? Are they offering you free booklets, information, price reductions, etc. if you purchase their plans? Is this want you want or do you want good quality tested and proven dog house plans backed with knowledge and good customer service. Please beware.
History of Purchasers – Who purchases these dog house plans? Do law enforcement agencies, veterinarians, breeders, schools, organizations, or does the website even tell you. If not, beware of the reputation of the dog house plans. 
Time and Money Well Spent - It is worth your time and money to make the proper decision to purchase the right plans to house your dog/dogs so that they may have a happy healthy life. You need to find dog house plans that you are positive are the right size, best quality, and have the best reputation for you to build and for your dog to be safe and comfortable all year round.
Feel free to email us with any questions you may have before you order.